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The Kids Crossing Story

Jan and Larry Faubion became licensed foster parents in 1978 (Jan had been a foster parent since 1963). In 1981, Elizabeth, better known as "Punkin," came to live with the Faubions as a foster child. Punkin, born with no developmental or health concerns, was violently shaken when she was just two months old, and the severe brain damage suffered significantly stunted her development. Punkin was placed in the Faubion foster home at 4 months of age, and was not expected to live past her first birthday. To everyone's surprise, Punkin lived on to celebrate her 24th birthday before passing away. For the Faubions, Punkin returned all of the love, joy and happiness she received. Punkin was a warrior, and the Faubions felt blessed every day they spent with her. Punkin inspired Jan and Larry to open a foster care agency under the pretenses of supporting many more resilient foster children like Punkin and the foster families committed to providing children with the unconditional love and care they deserve. In 1992, Jan and Larry Faubion founded Kids Crossing, a non-profit child placement agency dedicated to supporting foster parents and those children who touch their hearts and influence their lives. Read here for media coverage of their journey. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3.

Kids Crossing's vision is to provide a safe and caring home for every child. 

Our mission is to strengthen families so they may provide the best care to those children entrusted to them.

A few of Kids Crossing's key values include:

Kids Crossing is an agency founded BY foster parents, FOR foster parents.