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Kids Crossing Support

As a Kids Crossing Foster Parent, YOU ARE NOT ALONE...

Becoming a foster parent is a life changing decision, and being a foster parent is a tough job! Foster care is not for everyone, but if you are ready to commit to foster youth in need, Kids Crossing is here to support you every step of the way. 

As a Kids Crossing Foster Parent, YOUR ROLE IS VALUED...

Kids Crossing values foster parents as an integral part of the multi-disciplinary team. Foster parents help determine if a child is meeting his/her developmental milestones, is receiving an education in accordance with their individual needs, would benefit from additional services, and so much more. Foster parents are the ones who get to know each child best when they are in their care. 

As a Kids Crossing Foster Parent, WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOU!

Attend a Kids Crossing's monthly open house to learn more about how to support a foster care agency, how to become a foster parent and to speak with current foster families.  

Placement Supervisors

Placement Supervisors are responsible for the placement of children into foster homes and work directly with the County Department of Human Services' placement teams.  They also supervise the home supervisors who work directly with you - who are your primary support.  You should always feel comfortable talking with your placement supervisor about your placement preferences and how things are going with your home supervisor.

24-Hour On Call Numbers

Because our support doesn't stop at 5pm!