Foster a Child

Foster a Child

Fostering a young child or sibling group means providing them with a home and temporary family while their biological family is taking the time to make positive life choices in the best interest of their child(ren).  Fostering a young child also means understanding every child wants to be with its birth family, no matter what.

Our children do not need to be rescued – but they do need to know someone cares about them, will keep them safe and provide for all of their needs – and will above all, work WITH their biological parents, not AGAINST them. Our children need you to become a foster parent who aren’t afraid to invite their parents to their birthday party or encourage phone calls with their grandma back East. Our children need foster parents who understand the importance of sibling contact and do everything they can to ensure visits happen.

Kids Crossing needs individuals, couples, or families who love the energy and comedy children ages 0-12 bring! In return, our infants, toddlers and school aged children need the love and structure your home can provide. Our children also need supervision to ensure they stay safe and foster parents who will advocate for their best interests. Kids Crossing welcomes all caring adults to help our children develop their educational foundation and to provide our children with activities and opportunities to keep their minds actively growing and challenged!

Our children need you, become a foster parent today! 


The licensing process for foster-adopt parents is exactly the same as foster parents. Kids Crossing can help facilitate no-fee adoptions for foster parents who wish to adopt through the child welfare system. 

Those who want to become a foster parent must be willing to support reunification of foster children with their biological parents and/or family members. Many families who come to us with the intention of adoption do end up adopting. However, it may take saying good-bye to many children placed in your home as they are successfully reunified with their biological families before one is able to stay. Adoption will happen, but likely it will not be in your time frame or with the first child you fall in love with.

Kids Crossing cannot assist you with out-of-state or private adoptions. Unless you are interested in a child who is "legally free", meaning his/her parental rights have already been terminated, you must be willing to support the reunification process. 

If you want to become a foster parent but are considering adoption and do not want to go through the risk of having foster children returned to their biological parents, we recommend you consider adopting older children, special needs children or sibling groups.

To view waiting children in the State of Colorado, click here for the Adoption Exchange Web site. Also, please check your local county website.

If you are interested in babies only, we recommend private or international adoption, as your chance for a baby is better guaranteed through these types of agencies.

If you adopt a child through the child welfare system, Medicaid (covering Medical, Dental and Mental Health care) stays with the child until he/she turns 18 years of age. Medicaid is always secondary to your private insurance. Often with children adopted through the child welfare system who do have special needs (i.e. emotional, behavioral, etc.), a subsidy may be negotiated and available to the adoptive parents until the child is 18 years old.