Becoming a Pueblo Foster Care Parent

Sep 15, 2017

Pueblo Foster Care

One of the most selfless acts a person can do is volunteer to be a foster parent. The need for Pueblo foster care providers is one that is always present. Hundreds of children in Pueblo County need the temporary safety and security of a foster home that can provide them stability while they live away from their homes. Foster parents play a critical role in these children’s lives. By providing protection and basic provisions for foster children until their parents are ready and able to step in and take over this important role, foster parents provide an extremely valuable service.

Foster parenting is for those that want to provide a structured home for a child in need. Those that enjoy helping children grow, thrive, and achieve make great candidates for foster parents. To become a Pueblo foster care parent, one need only be financially stable and willing to help a child. The basic qualifications to becoming a foster parent candidate include:

If you meet these basic qualifications and have a strong desire to help children in tough situations by providing a safe and stable place to live, you have the makings of great foster parent. If you live in Pueblo County, would like to become a Pueblo foster care parent and share your home with a child in need, Kid’s Crossing can facilitate the path toward that end.

Kid’s Crossing is a private, non-profit, 501c3 Child Placement Agency licensed by the State of Colorado providing resources and training for foster parents. Our agency was founded by foster parents for foster parents, and we understand the care and dedication that goes into caring for a foster child. For more information on foster care and/or becoming a foster parent in Pueblo, call Kid’s Crossing at (719) 545-3882.