Colorado Foster Care

Oct 09, 2017

Colorado Foster Care


Children in Colorado foster care feel adrift on a sea of uncertainty, and desperately need the love, care, and stability of a good home. If you are a financially stable U.S. citizen or resident 21 years of age or older, physically and emotionally healthy and living in Colorado, these kids need you. You may have questions about the cost to foster or adopt a child; this often depends on the type of child placement agency used. Colorado is an agency state, which means you must use either a private or a county child placement agency.

If you are thinking about becoming a foster parent for a child in Colorado, you may already know that there are thousands of kids in the Colorado foster care system. These children need people like you in their lives, with the commitment to open your heart and home to care for a child in need. Many of these children were removed from the place they called home since birth, to somewhere that may be far from friends and biological families. This causes massive turmoil in their lives, forcing them to change schools, lose touch with lifelong friends, makes it difficult if not impossible to see their biological parents and siblings, and usually means that they must leave all the familiar, comforting things behind them, perhaps forever.

If you believe you are ready to become a foster parent for a child in Colorado, we would like to encourage you to educate yourself on the requirements for becoming responsible for a child or children currently in the Colorado foster care system. Although the need for foster parents is great, this is not a commitment to be undertaken lightly, as you are likely to forge lifelong relationships as a result of your involvement with a child you take into your home.

Kid’s Crossing is a private, non-profit, 501c3 Child Placement Agency licensed by the State of Colorado providing resources and training for foster parents. Our agency was founded by foster parents, for foster parents, and we understand the heart, commitment, and dedication required to foster a child. For more information on Colorado foster care and how to become a foster parent in Colorado Springs, call Kid’s Crossing at (719) 632-4569.