Getting Involved with Denver Foster Care

Jun 30, 2017

Denver Foster Care


Every day, foster parents throughout the Denver region step up to the plate to take care of children living away from their homes. At any given moment, approximately 900 Denver children and youth live apart from their families. Foster parents play a critical role in these children’s lives, providing protection and basic provisions for them until their parents are ready and able to step in and take over this important role, adequately provide for them, and ensure their needs are met.

To get involved with foster parenting in Denver, one need only be financially stable and willing to help a child. The greatest areas of need in the foster care program are for foster parents capable of opening their homes up and meeting the specific needs of:

It takes approximately 90 to 180 days to qualify as a foster parent.  The process involves a handful of steps which include the following:

Denver foster care is vital to the well-being of these children and youth in need of caring home in this region. The minimum qualifications to be considered a foster parent in Denver and help those children in need the candidate must be:

Kids Crossing is a private, non-profit, 501c3 Child Placement Agency licensed by the State of Colorado providing resources and training for Denver foster parents. For more information on Denver foster care  and/or becoming a foster parent in Denver, call Kids Crossing at (303) 330-5083.