New Program for Children and Adolescents

Jun 13, 2017

New program for children and adolescents

There is an exciting new project being implemented through Denver County Department of Human Services.  The Department is working with Kids Crossing (and another CPA) to recruit, train, and support foster parents for difficult children and adolescents.  The Department is working with Deveraux and Tennyson for Children to provide in-home support and 24/7 crisis response/stabilization to the foster parents. These five partners are committed to providing state of the art trauma-informed care to these children and adolescents.

Introducing the “professional foster parent”

The traditional foster parent receives minimal reimbursement for providing care to a foster child. This reimbursement is to only cover the basics – food, shelter, and clothing. Foster parents often spend more on the care of these children than what is covered by the reimbursement. The professional foster parent will be reimbursed at a higher level than the traditional foster parent. The professional foster parent will be paid $100-$150 a day for each youth in the home. This is a tax-free reimbursement.

In the traditional foster home there are foster parents who take foster children into their home and make them part of their family. Foster parents are often asked to make a long-term commitment to caring for these foster children. If the children are unable to return home, the foster parents often adopt the children.

Most of the children and adolescents in the foster care system will return home to their own parents or to the home of a relative. These youth do not need new parents – even temporary parents. These youth do need a temporary home instead of living in an institution. These youth need a temporary home with adults who can provide guidance and support – with professional foster parents.

Kids Crossing has been providing services to children and adolescents families in the Denver Metro area since 2004. Kids Crossing has offices in Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo.