Tips on Fostering a Child

Mar 09, 2018

Tips on Fostering a Child

If you're new to fostering, you might be feeling a lot of things: nervous, excited, maybe even scared. It's normal to be emotional and even a little uneasy at first, but don't worry. You'll get the hang of it soon enough! The best thing you can do for a foster child is provide a loving, open home. That starts with having some ideas of what to expect. 

Meeting your foster child

The first meeting between you and your foster child could go a few different ways, depending on the child's background. The child will most likely be anxious and scared, unsure of how to act around you or in their new surroundings. She might be talkative and have questions, or she might be shy and say only a few words.

Here are some things you can do to calm the child and put her at ease:

How to prepare your other children for a foster child

If you have other kids at home, you'll need to spend time preparing them for how to engage with your new foster child. Here are some things to do ahead of time: 

Your foster child is coming to your home because of some sort of loss that happened in his life. This can result in his acting out in ways that are unexpected to you as he deals with feelings of anger, guilt, and grief. Taking training classes can help you prepare for how to handle these situations as they arise.

Above all else, never give up on your foster child. Spend some time every day listening to him, playing with him, reading stories, or just talking. It will take time for you to form a bond with your foster child, but it will be worth it.