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Did you know there are currently over 427,910 children in the United States foster care system? Every year children enter the system when their biological parent is unable or unfit to take care of them. Kids Crossing provides foster care in Colorado Springs. As one of the largest fostering agencies in the state, we aim to provide every child in need with a temporary guardian to care for them during these difficult times. One of the main reason a child gets placed into the foster care system is because their parent or guardian has neglected them. By becoming a foster parent, you can help these children get back on their feet. Not only will you be providing them basic necessities like housing and food, but you will also be able to help guide them, love them, and show them the care they deserve and need. Some of the children in the foster system may have experienced abuse in one form or another. By caring for them you will be helping them get through these hard times in their lives.

If you’re interested in helping to change the life of a child in need, visit our office today or fill out a form to get additional information. We are one of the largest fostering agencies in Colorado Springs and our goal is to get a home for every child that needs a caregiver. We can help answer any questions you may have about the process of becoming a foster parent. If you’re not ready to become a foster parent, you can still help! There are many ways to support Kids Crossing including volunteering, donating, and attending our open houses. Still have questions about foster care in Colorado Springs? Contact us today to get more information about ways you can contribute and help the local foster care system in Colorado. 

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