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Kids Crossing is proud of the Kobylinski Family and their amazing achievements! Please click here to view their video story. ​

I have been a foster parent for 9 years this March. I initially wanted to become a foster parent ONLY to adopt. After I successfully adopted 3 children, I realized that being a foster parent was extremely gratifying and wanted to continue being a caring parent to those less fortunate. Over time, I increased my responsibility of a foster parent to a group home parent and now singly devote all my time to children and teens who need at least one consistent person in their life. Foster parents generally say that being a foster parent is rewarding, it is, yet I want to go beyond that—to me, being a foster parent is about Accepting: who they are, no matter what trauma they have faced; Rebuilding: their outlook on life, to improve on their quality of life;

Empowerment: towards redefining their self-worth and reason for living and Embracing: their accomplishments and successes no matter how small…all the time! These are reasons, as well as fulfilling a purpose in my life, that keeps me involved in these young peoples lives forever and always.

Marnita M. Davis, MA, CAC III

Group Home Director
Passages to Adulthood

​“I think Matt and I realize we have the ability to make positive changes in a child’s life and while foster care is not necessarily an easy road it is an area of our lives where we feel a tremendous responsibility. Each kiddo is exceptional and extraordinary and will no doubt touch our hearts. Every child deserves safety and security but they also need unconditional love and we have a lot of that to give out (plus three rowdy boys ready to play).”

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” -Winnie the Pooh

Kate & Matt Pincus

​“If you are willing to risk heartbreak, the rewards are unimaginable,” states Patti Svendsen.

Patti and her husband, Peter, have had the privilege of providing foster care for over 145 children in the past 26 years. Patti defines one of her “rewards” as she tells the story of Jeremiah (front right, pictured in Summer 2005), who was placed with the Svendsen’s at birth, only given 2 months to live. Jeremiah surprised everyone, living until he was 13 years old and passing away in December of 2005. Although his passing was full of heartbreak, his life was a joy.

Pictured from Front Left to Right: Patti, Ta’Nasia, Amanda, Derek, Desmond, Amelia & Peter.

​Gloria and Tiny Smith started doing foster care over 20 years ago because of a boy that Tiny met at the local Boys and Girls Club. The teen wasn’t getting the attention that he needed at home and they could tell he needed some extra help.

The Smith’s opened their home to him (just informally, not as Foster Parents) and he stayed with their family for the entire summer. He didn’t want to leave because he said that if he went home he would probably end up in foster care.

This situation made the Smith’s decide to become licensed foster parents - because they experienced first hand, children who have been neglected - and realized how they couldn’t ignore this need.

​Brian and Tiffaney Hackley have fostered for 3 ½ years. They have three son’s ages 21, 8, and 5 and have have fostered adopted a daughter who is medically fragile. Bryan is 15 Years active duty Army and Tiffaney is a Lifestyle Blogger who works from home.

The Hackleys love and encourage every child that comes to their home. Their time with Kids Crossing has been a great source of learning as it has expanded their knowledge and training to better serve the children and Bio Parents involved.

​“Our family was so excited to be able to adopt our foster sons Colten and Caden! We received our foster care license because we were impressed to help children in need. We feel God gave us this desire and ability as we spent nearly a year as volunteer missionaries in Peru helping the hungry and homeless. We simply left the option open to adopt any foster children as Gods will unfolded. The process has not been easy or without many hurdles, but through them all it has strengthened our faith and trust in the Lord as well as helped develop our characters. We have witnessed miracles as the grace and goodness of God’s Providence worked itself out in His own time and way. We have also been very blessed to have Kids Crossing as our mentor and guide. Our experience in working with Danni, Amy and Don has been positive and supporting, and left us with a feeling that they were always looking out for our entire families best interests. The training we received form Kids Crossing along our journey was very interesting and helpful; though we also feel that nothing could fully prepare us except by a willing heart, prayer and experience! Colten and Caden have wiggled their way into our hearts and their little enthusiastic zeal for life and learning has enlarged our happiness. These children are a true blessing to our family and we look forward to the continued love and joy a large family brings!”

With appreciation and gratitude to God and the Kids Crossing Team,

The Blood Family