Foster Parent Requirements

Foster Parent Requirements

Background check must be completed prior to being considered for foster care licensure.

Foster Care Requierments: 

The Background Investigation Unit Form will be completed by applicants to determine if a family has been founded for child abuse and/or neglect by a Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS) county office.

A fingerprint card (provided by Kids Crossing) will need to be taken by the applicant(s) to a police department for printing. The fingerprinting process usually costs around $15. The fingerprint card is then submitted to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. All arrests are listed, whether an applicant was convicted or not. The applicant will be instructed to provide a disposition on any arrest in order to determine how the case was closed. Deferments are considered guilty convictions by the CDHS.

According to Volume VII of the Colorado Children's Code, Kids Crossing CANNOT license a foster parent who has been convicted of child abuse, a crime of violence, felony offenses involving unlawful sexual behavior, any domestic violence felony, any physical assault, battery and/or drug/alcohol related offenses within 5 years.

Kids Crossing CANNOT license an applicant (or if this applies to an individual in the home) who has been determined to be insane or mentally incompetent.

Kids Crossing CANNOT license an applicant who has had a pattern of misdemeanors in the last 10 years, which includes:

  1. 3 or more convictions of 3rd degree assault and/or domestic violence misdemeanors.
  2. 5 misdemeanors of any type with at least 2 of the 5 being 3rd degree assault and/or any domestic violence misdemeanors.
  3. 7 misdemeanors of any type. 

Kids Crossing MAY or MAY NOT be able to consider an applicant for foster care if he/she does not meet the foster care requierments and has been convicted of a 3rd degree assault or any domestic violence misdemeanor, any misdemeanor violation of a restraining order, any misdemeanor offense of child abuse.

Additionally, the applicant MAY OR MAY NOT be considered for foster care if there is a conviction of unlawful use of a controlled substance, unlawful distribution, manufacturing, dispensing, sale, or possession of a controlled substance or unlawful offenses related to marijuana.