Foster Care Requirements

Foster Care Requirements

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License Requirement: 

For more information, watch our webinar, attend an open house, or contact one of our knowledgable licensing coordinators who have helped hundreds of families over the years!

Length of the Process: The licensing process takes approximately 4 to 6 months for highly motivated individuals and families. Kids Crossing believes the best decisions are made through a thoughtful process, and we are committed to progressing through the licensing process in this timeframe barring any outside circumstances. Please review the fostering regulations for care. 

Cost: Kids Crossing is committed to keeping the cost of foster care licensing to a minimum and is one of the only agencies that does not charge a licensing fee. Prospective foster parents will be required to pay for fingerprinting at their local police station ($5 to $15) and CPR/First Aid certification ($40 to $50). Kids Crossing will cover everything else!

Application: The first step toward becoming a licensed foster parent is to complete an application packet, which includes the initial application, background check forms, and basic policies and procedures to be reviewed and signed. Request your packet today!  

Background Checks: To be completed by all members of the household 18 years of age or older. Click here for more information. 

References: Three (3) letters of reference from people who are un-related to you.

Physicals: Current physical exams for everyone in your home, including children. 

Pets:  Proof of vaccination for your pets must be submitted. 

CPR/First Aid Certification: Certification must include both adult and infant/child. Kids Crossing offers classes to current and prospective foster parents. Click here for class schedules and infomation, costs may vary. 

Required Training: If you meet the fostering regulations for care, you will then do twelve (12) house of foster parent CORE training must be completed prior to licensure. Visit the Training page for information on upcoming classes. An additional fifteen (15) hours of training must be earned within the first 90 days of licensure. Ongoing training is also required as a part of the re-certification process. Kids Crossing offers many free trainings throughout the year to help foster parents meet these requirements, click here for more information. 

Family Assessment: A SAFE Home Study will be completed by agency staff. The SAFE Home Study is a requirement of all potential foster and adoptive parents in the State of Colorado and is facilitated in a consistent, uniform manner, as individuals who have completed the SAFE training can only complete it. The SAFE Home Study process is our way of getting to know you and your family over an extended period of time, with at least three (3) visits in the family home. The Home Study process is the last step in becoming licensed and can take up to 45 days for completion. All background checks must be received prior to initiating the home study process. 

Physical Space: A safety inspection will also be conducted by agency staff. This is also one of the last steps, giving potential foster families plenty of time to ensure their home is ready for children! Agency staff will ensure each bedroom has adequate square footage for the number of foster children expected to live in the home, emergency numbers are visibly posted, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors are present in the home, all areas have been "baby proofed" as needed, etc.

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Contact Kids Crossing to request an application and print off the foster parent certification page in order to know what will need to be submitted to our licensing department. Make sure to look at the fostering regualtions for care first.